June 2011 Training Summary

The elevation for one of the routes I did a couple times this month.

Training Summary

  • Running – 114 Miles /17:34
  • Swimming – 13 miles/7:47
  • Biking – 303 miles/18:30
  • Total Distance – 430 miles
  • Total Time : 43:53


I did a 10K which is not a normal distance for me to race.  I am much happier doing longer races so running short and fast scares me.  I was really interested in how fast  I could run it.  I did 46:07 which I was very pleased with!  It got me second in my age group and 10th women overall!  I also did the Breathe of Life Triathlon in Ventura, CA as a relay.  I did the swim, my husband did the bike, and we had a friend to the run.  Once we found out one of the other teams missed a loop in the bike we ended up getting third!  It was a lot of fun and I highly suggest that if you are a triathlete you have to do a relay at least once.  I was very pleased with my swim.  I swam under 22:00 for 1500 m open water swim!

Notes on Month

It was a stressful month for all kinds of reasons.  I even ended up with a small cold at the end of the month (luckily it never go too bad, benefit of being in good shape I think).  I was able to do a couple of 50+ mile bike rides which is more than I was doing before my 70.3 in April.  I am hoping the extra effort on the bike will pay off at Vineman.  I worked harder on the bike this month so my running mileage kind of suffered.  I really want to be doing over 120 running miles per month so I fell a little short.  I have a 70.3 on July 17th but I didn’t get as many bricks in as I wanted to.  I also started my marathon training plan for the Portland Marathon in October.  That training will really get going after the Vineman 70.3.  The best part of the month was I had a couple weeks in which I really felt strong.  All three disciplines feel good.  I have high expectations and hope for my 70.3!  Watch for the race report!

My husband and I after my second place finish in the Love Run 10K


  1. All I can say is that you are an inspiration. Looks like you had a great training month and I’m sure it’s prepared you well for Vineman. Robb and I wish you the best of luck and hope it’s a big success for you!

  2. You are gonna do great! Enjoy all the hard work and have a great time!! I saw a preview of the tshirts that will be at the expo and they are beautiful! I’ll be racing in Houston on the 17th (a much shorter.race..ugh!). I predict stellar outcomes for both!! I’ll keep you in mind as I chase down that lady with a 41 on her calf to cash in on a prize as I know you will be out there hunting just the same! 😉

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