Competing, Not Just Completing—My Attempt to Get on the Podium

Holding my 2nd place medal from the Love Run 10K, July 5, 2011

Up until now I have always maintained that I just want to “complete not compete” when I race.  Up until recently, that was all I was really capable of.  I was usually somewhere in the middle of the pack when it came to the results of a marathon or a triathlon.  But lately, things have changed.  It started in February when I ran the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon in Apache Junction Arizona.  I had been noticing that my running was get faster.  I went into that race hoping for a 1:52 and after all was said and done (or ran) I finished with a 1:46:26!  But what was most amazing was I was 4th out of over 120 females in my age group.  This race was a turning point for me in which I finally felt like I could compete with those around me.

My next race that showed me that I was still making progress was the Orange County Triathlon.  In this race I placed 4th out of 35 (good enough to qualify for nationals).  I was so close to the podium that I was actually disappointed with my finish until I realized that I had qualified for nationals and realized what a strong run and swim I had had.

See, I got 4th!

So in early June I entered a 10K.  I never run 10Ks.  This may sound snobby but the distance is too short for me.  I am much better at longer races.  But I wanted to place so bad that I was nervous about the race.  Anyway, I gave it all I got.  I did the best I could.  I ran as fast as I could.  I ran so fast at the end that I maxed my HR at 205 bpm!  I got 2nd in my age group, 10th overall female.  You can see the Garmin data from the race here.

Now I have my second 70.3 triathlon, Vineman,  coming up in just under 4 weeks (OMG!!).  I am starting to look at the results from last year to see how I think I might do.  I doubt I will podium there (I have way too much work on the bike to do).  But if I can just keep making progress and make it into the top 20% I would be thrilled.  (You know there will be a race report to follow, so keep a look out.)


  1. I have just started pushing hard in races and might be able to compete on the local level but you amaze me. Keep pushing Becca.

  2. I love that you SAID it outloud!! I think there is a point when we all THINK it, but hate to say it. Sometimes I think I sound too confident or sure of myself, but I think we have to be…to push ourselves… to do what we do day in and day out. This junk is not for sissies!! Yup, there is that moment (each race is different, just like children 🙂 ) when simply finishing just isn’t gonna cut it anymore…and it’s a great moment. Says a lot about personal and physical growth!!!

    1. The problem is once you have said that you want to get on that podium and you don’t, it makes the racing harder for some. Luckily for me it makes me want to work harder for the next race!

  3. Your improvements and maturation as an athlete and a competitor continue to amaze me. You provide a great example of what someone can achieve with a lot of hard work and dedication. Keep it up!!

  4. Wow…how exciting! Seeing your name so high in the results list has to be awesome. I placed fourth in my age group at my last 5k, but there were only 5 of us 🙂

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