Celliant Sock Review

I am really enjoying this blogging thing and I was hoping at some point companies would start sending me things to demo for them.  I love running and triathlon gear (probably half the reason I do it!).  So the first company to do so was Celliant.  Here is some information that can be found on Celliant’s website.

“Celliant is a technology that modifies visible and infrared light, recycling them into energy that the body can use more effectively. When Celliant is worn as clothing, or placed near the body (like in a bed liner or a blanket), it redirects this recycled energy back to the body increasing blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the tissue.”

They contacted me thru twitter that they wanted to send me a sample.  A short time later a package showed up with two pairs of socks, some wrist bands, and a gift card (thanks!).  Small problem…the socks were too big for me.  But not to worry, my husband is a big guy (6’5”, size 15 shoes) so they fit him just fine.  Up until now I think I have been folding the same pairs of socks for him for up to 7 years in some cases!  He is happy to wear just plain old socks, nothing special. These higher-tech socks were a departure to what he is used to wearing.

He has recently picked up running (and is giving me a run for my money) and has always cycled on and off.  He has worn the socks for both running and cycling.  He is very happy with them.  He thinks their ability to wick moisture is excellent.  He finds the construction of the socks superior due to the practically invisible seams.  This makes them very comfortable in both running shoes and bike shoes.  He was also very impressed with how refreshed his feet felt when he wore them.  He wasn’t sure he could tell if that was due to increased oxygenation but he really liked the socks.

Overall they were great socks.  Celliant makes fabrics that are used in other products as well.  I bet they would be great in some compression gear.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the blog post. My name is Seth Casden and I am the CEO of Hologenix, the makers of Celliant. I am glad that your husband likes the socks but we need to send you a couple of pairs that fit you! Good luck with your training! Your intuition regarding compression is spot on- check out the AmpPro2 line from Saucony. It features Celliant fibers and is great for workouts. They also make a recovery suit that allows your body to recover faster and get you ready for your next challenge… It’s your energy- use it.

    1. I know this is a long time after you wrote this Seth but I was wondering if you think any of your products would help my mom with very pour circulation in one side of her body (specifically her left arm) due to MS? Her left arm is constantly very red and she is always cold. Its a lot of money for some of the products with Celliant but im thinking it may be worth the investment! Thanks

      1. Hi Sean, I did not receive a notice that you posted this question. I am happy to send some product that might help. Please call our office at 888.721.1545 and we will help you out… Best, Seth

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