May 2011 Training Report

Bike ride down PCH Memorial Day 2011

Training Summary

  • Running – 133 Miles /22:07
  • Swimming – 12 miles/6:46
  • Biking – 294 miles/19:12
  • Total Distance – 439 miles
  • Total Time : 48:24


I did the Orange County International Triathlon.  It was a great race for me.  I actually qualified to go to Nationals in August!  Full race report here.

Notes on Month

In an effort to meet my running goals in the summer and fall (sub 1:40 half marathon in August, sub 4:00 marathon in October, and completion of a 50K trail race in November), I really tried to increase my running miles.  I managed to do 32 more miles than the month before (by far my biggest running month ever!) It was a 30% increase in running miles but my body feels fine.  No issues to report.  I am also trying to ramp up my cycling.  It is my weakest part in my triathlons so I am working hard to get better.  I started Computraining again so that should help a lot.  It was a good month overall.  I am feeling really driven to make some improvements in all aspects of my life.


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